Returns the name and location of the file or folder that an alias, symbolic link, or shortcut refers to.Syntax:



the aliasReference of "/Disk/Folder/Alias"
put the aliasReference of it into fileToOpen

Use the aliasReference function to perform an operation on a file after the user has selected an alias, symbolic link, or shortcut to the file.


  • aliasPath: The location and name of the alias whose referenced file or folder youwant to get. If you specify a name but not a location, LiveCode assumesthe file is in the defaultFolder.
  • Returns: The aliasReference function returns the name and locationof a file or folder.
  • The result: If the aliasPath does not exist, the aliasReference functionreturns empty and the result is set to "can't get".

See also: function (control structure),result (function),aliasReference (function),