Livecode doesn't support cut, copy and paste on android, Livecode supports the Android native controls those support cut, copy and paste.

If you want to cut, copy and paste a text and export it to another program, you have to use an android native control, otherwise you can create your cut, copy and paste buttons those will work only in your program.

What are Android native controls?

They are standard Android controls among the following:

  • browser - Native iOS or Android web browser control
  • scroller - Native iOS or Android scroller control (see mobile scroller)
  • player - Native iOS or Android player control
  • input - Native iOS  or Android text input control
  • multiline - Native iOS or Android multi-line text control

The must be created on the fly on opening a card or later using the mobileControlCreate command. It's wise to set the controls position after creating them. For example:

mobileControlCreate "input", "myFirstInputText"
set the rect of "myFirstInputText" to 0,0,60,30

It's very important to delete them when you don't need them. The native controls float above the screen, they are not part of your stack, so they remain on the screen even if you change card or stack. So a very used code is:

on CloseCard
 mobileControlDelete "myFirstInputText"
end CloseCard