The answer effect command displays a dialog box where the user can select a visual effect and (for some effects) set parameters such as speed and direction. (This dialog box is displayed by QuickTime, not by LiveCode.)

OS supported: mac,windows


answer effect

The variable it contains an encoded description of the visual effect the user chooses. You can either use the encoded description immediately, or store it (for example, in a variable or in a custom property) for later use. To display the effect, use the encoded description with the visual effect command, with the unlock screen command, or with the hide with visual effect or show with visual effect form of the hide or show command.

If the user cancels the dialog, the it variable is set to empty, and the result returns "Cancel".

References: dontUseQTEffects (property), dontUseQT (property), answer (command), visual effect (command), answer record (command)