Specifies the angle used to draw an arc.Syntax:

set the arcAngle [of <graphic>] to <angleInDegrees>


set the arcAngle to myAngle -- affects ovals drawn with the paint tools
set the arcAngle of graphic "Over" to theAngle

Use the arcAngle property to create an arc shape from an oval graphic, or to cause the Oval paint tool to draw arcs.

By default, ovals display their entire arc from zero to 360, forming a complete oval. Use the startAngle and arcAngle properties to specify that only a portion of the oval, forming an arc, should be drawn.

The arcAngle determines how much of the oval is used to form the arc, from zero (no arc) to 360 (a full oval). For example, if the angleInDegrees is 90, a quarter-oval arc is displayed.

The global setting of the arcAngle property controls the appearance of arcs drawn with the paint tools. Once a paint arc is drawn, its appearance cannot be changed by changing the global arcAngle property.

See also: angle (property),properties (property),startAngle (property),