Sent to the active control, or to the current card if no control is focused, when the user presses an arrow key.


arrowKey {up | down | left | right}


on arrowKey theKey -- make Up arrow go to the first card
  if theKey is "up" then go to card 1
  else pass arrowKey
end arrowKey

The parameter indicates which arrow key was pressed.

Handle the arrowKey message if you want to do something special when the user presses an arrow key.

If the arrowKey handler does not pass the message or send it to a further object in the message path, LiveCode does not perform the usual arrow key action (moving the insertion point, moving the selected object(glossary), or navigating to another card). Passing the message lets the arrow key action take place.

If the focused control is part of a group, and the group's tabGroupBehavior property is set to true, no arrowKey message is sent when the user presses an arrow key.

Sending an arrowKey message does nothing unless there is an arrowKey handler in the message path. This is a difference from HyperTalk's handling of the arrowKey message.

See also: functionKey (message), selectionChanged (message), navigationArrows (property), textArrows (property), selected (property),